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Welcome, I am Stéphane Margolis

Delivering Innovative Value to Brands and Customers

My Function

To create an Engaging User Experience

Agent of change

Whether you need a simple Website, a Web-based Ecosystem or a new Visual Identity, I can help you turn your ideas into a reality that will exceed your customers' expectations.

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It's all about content

I believe the purpose of a website is to create leads. And, since producing and spreading engaging content is the key to convert leads into sales, I also act as your Creative Director to help you develop the best content and social media strategy, along with your (remarkable) website.


User Experience = User Expectation


User Expectation = User Satisfaction


SEO = Visibility


User Satisfaction = Committed User

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Jiří Kučera

Jiří Kučera

CEO, Kučera & Associates

We are pleased to have entrusted our digital development to Stéphane Margolis. We wanted to distinguish our firm from the local competition, both in terms of branding and visibility, and the mission has been accomplished with talent and speed.

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Stephane Margolis
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5 tips before starting building up your own eShop

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