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Designing corporate websites since 1998

Tick tock, the clock is ticking ... You have 15 seconds to keep new visitors on your site. I create the conditions that will stimulate their interest and invite them to respond favorably to your offer.

My Approach

I develop functional and ergonomic websites that tend to generate high conversion rates (Visitors/Customers): the information architecture is based on the motivations and reactions of your visitors.

My resolutely user-centric approach revolves around two axes, your experience in Customer Relationships and my anticipation of your visitors’ behavior. The synthesis of these two fields of knowledge will determine the nature and the specifications of your website.

My expertise

01 Content Strategy

Your website's content is the basis of a good SEO. I help you develop relevant and consistent content that can attract and retain a clearly defined audience. Quality content, as much informative as engaging, meeting consumer expectations, will largely contribute to improve your positioning on search engines. Content strategy is an integral part of developing a website and should always be thought before and during the creation process.

02 User Experience (UX)

I develop websites that are easy to use, logical and ergonomic. It allows users to intuitively and quickly find what they're looking for: a satisfying user experience will naturally lead users to interact positively with your proposals.

03Responsive Design

I design websites that can be accessed through various devices or variable screen resolutions: it's essential to offer the same readability and retain the same functionality whatever the device can be.

04 Content Management (CMS)

I mainly use Content Management Systems (CMS) such as WordPress or my "All-in-one" e-commerce platform called Activewebshop and maintain by Adobe Business Catalyst. The first can be used to develop complex applications suitable for any activity, including collaborative ones. The second allows to build and manage a fully secured online shop with all the features needed to sell your products, send them around the world, analyze the behavior of your users, store and interact with the data collected and, finally, to generate automatized email campaigns. And, of course, I have the ability to create a customized CMS if these two platforms could not satisfy your needs.

05 Optimization & Analysis

Analysing traffic and optimizing pages is a key aspect in the life of your website. Therefore, I primarily use tools provided by Google, such as Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager or Google AdWords for more ambitious advertising budgets; but also other powerful tools like Alexa or, for example. I help you interpret the data provided by these instruments to develop your perception of your users’ behavior, and consequently, refine your content strategies.

Maintenance Plans and Pricing

Web sites require maintenance as programs that run them are constantly being updated to ensure the best possible experience for the end-user. Keeping your website maintained will ensure that if any errors or hacker attacks come by they will be dealt with swiftly with the least amount of down time possible. This also means that any content that may seem loss could be retrieved by going to the backup. Watching your site like a hawk, so you can rest easy, is the purpose of the above maintenance plans.

Some of the most common types of hacking include : bypassing passwords, damaging web pages or taking control of contents, causing a denial of service attack on a web site or network (preventing legitimate users from accessing a web site), stealing valuable information such as passwords and credit card data.

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