5 tips before starting building up your own eShop
By Stephane Margolis Saturday, November 12, 2016

5 tips before starting building up your own eShop


Activewebshop Online Business tips and tricks

01 Set clear objectives for each page

Your online store must see each of its pages have a defined purpose. For example, your home page should encourage users to click on your categories, or better, directly on a list of products. Therefore, the page displaying the detail of a product must remove any doubts that the potential buyer might have and convince him to make the purchase. Your shopping cart should simplify the order process and be coupled with a confirmation email and an order tracking function. Keep this in mind when planning the role and function of your pages.

02 Encourage your visitors to give their email

Find all ways possible to simplify the process and even make your online store appealing to your customers. This can be done with an incentive to subscribe to the newsletter, the possibility of requesting specific information about a product or its routing, a system of testimonials or proposals for rebates on one or more products in exchange for some valuable information collected through an associated form.

03 Encourage your visitors to return to the site

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Look for opportunities to encourage users to come back to your online store as often as possible. In fact, the more a user visits your site, the more he or she is likely to make a purchase. The best way to bring users back to your site is to connect to them by e-mail in a timely manner, usually when you have new products or sales. If a popular product is out of stock, you can even send an email to your customers to tell them when it will be available again. This is a great way to show that you care about them and remember you to their fond memories.

04 Simplify the procurement process to the maximum

Create a payment process that allows your visitors to buy your products effortlessly. It has been proven that the more complicated a process is, the quicker the customer abandons his buying action. Also, do not forget to inform your customers at the beginning about additional costs related to postage, VAT and other taxes in order to avoid bad surprises that would push them to go to your competitors just before paying. Moreover, it is important to signify to your visitors with a VeriSign logo, or others, that the payment system on your online shop is secured.

05 Adapt to a growing number of visitors

An online store can be a tremendously profitable tool if it works properly. Make sure you have the funds to adapt your hosting solution to increased traffic and time or labor to respond to your visitors' queries, either before or after buying, or as part of Technical support. Do not hesitate to consult with online marketing professionals in order to make sure you’re applying the right strategy. A site without marketing is like a car without an engine.

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