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The price shown is inclusive. It's only an estimate of the actual cost of your project and is therefore not contractual. All my sites are secured, optimized for SEO and reactive to all types of screens.

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Page(s) formatted according to the default model, whether it is a page of presentation, contact or News. The first 5 pages are free. Above that number, you generally need to redefine the user interface (navigation and layouts).

How many different layouts do you need for your pages?

Generally, it's about having different templates for sophisticated presentations : a photo gallery, a product presentation, Google Map, a form, and so on.

What kind of SEO services do you need?

Do you need to publish specific content on social networks?

It's important to broadcast some of your content on social networks. In most cases, there is the ability to automatically share content directly from your website onto certain social networks.

Do you need to retrieve emails from your visitors by offering them to sign up for your newsletter?

Do you need a contact form with an Autoresponder on your site?

Do you need a system to send newsletters from your site?

What are your needs in terms of visual identity?

Items below need to be designed according to a Graphic Chart. They do not include printing costs

Creating a Business Card 3 revisions, 3 concepts (before final product) and no copyrights
Creating a Brochure 3 revisions, 3 concepts (before final product) and no copyrights

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