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I help you position your web pages according to specific queries typed by your target audience, to boost traffic and improve the quality of your visitors.

SEO, the key to optimal visibility

SEO is a key aspect of your website's development strategy. Optimizing its visibility allows users to easily find and access your site from search engines. In the Czech Republic, searchs are mainly made using Google, the search engine that represents 95% of the market.

Improving the SEO of a website, and thus its exposure to users, implies above all to optimize its content by adapting the quality standards imposed by Google, and which are also shared by your customers. A good SEO is achieved by a thoughtful intervention on some strategic areas, including the codes of the website, its content and links directing to it.

A well thought and a well managed SEO strategy will consolidate your position in the top results of Google, and will ensure a lasting visibility.

My mission

My mission is to increase qualified traffic to your website, based on relevant analysis of your visitors’ queries. After optimizations are implemented, your website will attract visitors with more precise motivations: the goal of SEO is to develop your turnover by improving its conversion rate (visitors/Customers).

My expertise

Site Audit: I analyze the structure of the website, codes and contents, the motivations of your target audience and your competition.

Strategy development: I define with you the SEO strategy to put in place: frequency of recommendations, the choice of keywords, the generation of new content, etc ... This is an effective strategy but it definitly requires time since results of an SEO strategy can take months to bear fruit.

Monitoring and reports: I inform you at regular intervals of your SEO results. For this, I use various tools provided by Google or others, like Alexa, with which I watch changes in the positioning of your website.

My actions

The codes: I optimize the structure, the architecture and the performance of your website, taking the content as the main common denominator. Indeed, SEO takes into account factors such as the speed it takes for a page to load, the responsive ability of your pages to adapt to mobile phones, tablets or desktop, or the presence of blocking factors such as broken links or missing html attributes.

The content: I help you develop the content of your web pages as it’s a crucial phase of the SEO strategy: only quality content is likely to generate the interest of users and ... Google! Keywords must be consistent with your topics and pages, as an example, must incorporate semantic markup (HTML Microdata), which is a determining factor of any successful SEO.

The popularity: I develop the popularity of your website by increasing inbound links and social networks occurrences: the popularity is measured by the number of links pointing to the site you're looking to optimize. Any search engine infers that a site often mentioned on other sites is necessarily relevant. This is the most effective lever, but also the most complex and longest to implement.


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Tim Addison - ADINONE Europe a.s.

Tim Addison - ADINONE Europe a.s.

Senior Director Global Business Development

Our website had to resonate with marketing and communications experts: advertising agencies and public relations companies. Quickly and efficiently ActiveWebshop developed a website that contains all the elements of style and branding that we need.

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